Originating in Japan in 1978, cryotherapy was first used by Dr. Toshima Yamauchi to treat joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis.


Using a brief exposure of the body to ultra-low temperatures, cryotherapy quickly became known as a powerful treatment for inflammatory disorders and injuries. Over the past decade, wholebody cryotherapy has gained popularity worldwide as top athletes and celebrities tout what they believe are its many benefits and uses.

At Capital Cryo, we make no definitive medical or aesthetic claims. While other facilities around the country are making claims about weight loss and cures for disease, we advocate for cryotherapy based on our own personal experiences and the fact that nearly every professional sport has integrated it into their pre- and post-workout recovery. But just like starting a new exercise regimen for the first time, new clients should consult their physician before trying cryotherapy.




Similar to the ice bath that professional athletes utilize after an extreme workout, cryotherapy reduces inflammation, resulting in quicker muscle recovery and decreased muscle soreness.



Cryotherapy offers relief for people suffering from chronic pain. Many people suffering from inflammation-related diseases and skin disorders like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and eczema have found comfort through regular use. It has also been utilized to promote quicker healing post injury or surgery.



Cryotherapy increases the body’s metabolic rate and collagen production, stimulating higher energy levels and a sense of well being. With consistent use, clients notice an improvement in mood, sleep patterns and skin tone.


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