Capital Energy Training

Capital Energy Training works with communities and individuals to achieve their total health objectives and fitness goals through one-on-one strength training customized for each individual client. Core stability and recovery/restoration are two key components of our training philosophy. We focus on proper progression and technique to create a safe, challenging and effective exercise experience.

Movement quality is an essential component to reducing the risk of injury and reaching optimal levels of performance. CET utilizes movement quality to boost energy levels and encourage healthy habits to help their clients embrace an increased quality of life.

Working with an in-home personal trainer has many advantages, such as convenience, that will help keep your workouts on track and get you on the road to reaching your health and fitness goals.



NMS Therapeutic Healing

Each treatment is geared personally to meet the needs of each client. Most treatments include a combination of Swedish, Sport, Deep Tissue massage, and trigger point work.  Communication is the key to client expectations being met.  It is important for all clients to take a moment and become aware of the physical patterns of their daily life that cause physical fatigue. Patterns's of movement that contribute to poor posture, muscle overuse, the dominant side of your body that works moves and the stabilizing side of the body that supports and holds. It isn't always the workout or exercise that fatigues the body it is more often repeated patterns of movement, for example how you sit at your desk, drive in a car, or favor one side. Benefits of massage begin with self examination of how balanced your posture is wether sitting, standing or participating in physical activities.


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Founded by two busy women living in DC who work out all the time, spyncycl bespoke laundry service is the new way to clean all of your workout gear. It works quite simple: we pick up your sweaty workout clothes from your favorite local studio or gym. You'll get a notification from us letting you know your clothes are on the way to be cleaned and your card will be charged. We wash your clothes in Hex detergent, hang them to dry, and then fold them neatly into your permanent spncycl bag. Three days later your clothes are delivered back!